When America Changes Its Mind About All the Big Things

At 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning in November, 2011, an email arrives at every major media outlet and hundreds of online blogs.


A Message for the Dominators

Six will die, every day, until you start sharing wealth and power.



Within hours, it is confirmed that six prominent Americans died during the night, all in their sleep, of apparent natural causes. The victims:

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • The president's Chief of Staff
  • A former vice president and unofficial head of the Republican Party
  • The Joint Chiefs Army General
  • Two conservative Tea Party leaders

Investigations quickly establish that the six men died of identical cerebral hemorrhages, at roughly the same time—4 a.m. Eastern. The crime scenes are all pristine, with no signs of intruders or indications of foul play. There are no clues, no forensic evidence, nor any viable explanations for what happened.

The next day, six more die. They include the current Secretary of the Treasury, the CEOs of the two largest Wall Street investment banks, and the CEO of the world's largest oil company. All men who figured prominently in, and profited greatly from, the crash of 2007.

All six died in the same way, and with the same lack of clues, leads, or forensic evidence. The next day, six more die, and the day after that, another six. Despite a nationwide investigation involving every law enforcement agency in America, no one knows how the murders are happening, much less how to stop them, or who the killers might be.

Then a new message arrives via Facebook and Twitter, an 8-point Jubilee Manifesto. It is a list of demands for the American government that includes progressive taxation of millionaires, caps on executive compensation, a fifty percent cut in military spending and, the key to it all, a one-time forgiveness of all debts.

How will Washington policymakers react? Will the President and major legislators risk their own deaths by defying the jubilees? Or will they acquiesce and attempt to implement the manifesto?

And if the latter, will it work?