jubilee-dayRJubilee Day is a page-turning thriller ripped from today’s headlines. Set in November 2011, a mysterious group calling itself Jubilee is assassinating prominent conservatives-the chief justice of the Supreme Court; a former, but still powerful, vice president; several of the bankers who profited from the crash of ’07-with a simple warning: Six will die, every day, until you start sharing your wealth and power. As the Jubilees make good on their threat and law enforcement proves unable to stop them, America’s leaders are forced to choose: risk personal death by defying Jubilee or acquiesce to their demands, which include a progressive tax on millionaires, caps on executive compensation, cutting military spending in half, and, the key to it all, a national Jubilee-the forgiveness of all debts.

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ISBN: 9781257124428
Copyright: Michael Sky (Standard Copyright License)
Publisher: Michael Sky
Published: March 27, 2011
Language: English
Pages: 360
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback:
Interior Ink: Black & white
Weight: 1.33 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 6 wide x 9 tall

michael-skyAbout Michael Sky

Michael Sky was the author of Thinking Peace, Breathing Lessons, and Dancing With the Fire, all published by lulu.com.

He was a resident of Orcas Island and is survived by his wife and daughter who still live in the Pacific Northwest.